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Have you been looking for a deck builder in Louisville to help create the outdoor seating area of your dreams? Do you need a space to relax, work, or just get away for a bit? Or do you imagine enjoying nice meals on cool mornings and nights in the outdoor breeze?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, look no further.  We are here to help you achieve the home you envision by working with you on every last detail.   Learn more

Have you been looking for a deck builder in Louisville to help create the outdoor seating area of your dreams? Do you need a space to relax, work, or just get away for a bit? Or do you imagine enjoying nice meals on cool mornings and nights in the outdoor breeze?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, look no further.  We are here to help you achieve the home you envision by working with you on every last detail.   Learn more

Deck Construction & Repair Services

Do you have a deck in dire need of repairs? Between heavy use and the outdoor elements, it’s natural for the wood or other material used for your outdoor seating area to sustain some wear and tear throughout the years.
Whether you need a restoration, swimming pool repair, or foundation reinforcing, our deck contractors would be more than happy to help you with any repair concerns you may have.  

We’re here to help build your dream deck, taking the utmost care when it comes to its installation.
We set each support post into the ground above the foundation block to prevent sagging, and pressure treat all our materials to withstand any weather. If your materials ever require replacement, we are happy to do so.   Learn more  

Staining and Refinishing

Outdoor flooring is subject to rain, snow, wind and heat. If you are worried that your outdoor area has started to show signs of damage or is losing its luster, we are able to help restore it to its former glory by refinishing its appearance.

Staining will turn back the clock on your wooden flooring and eliminate any signs of deterioration. If your old wood patio needs a new lease of life, call us to refinish it!   
Learn more

Pressure wash and layer protection
Pressure wash and layer protection

  Deck Railing

Deck Railing

  Deck Railing

We work to ensure that every need is met when installing new railings for your outdoor space. We can also rebuild old railings that are falling apart.

We also offer deck skirting and deck stairs to our clients. Skirting creates a finished look at the base of the construction. Likewise, stairs are important both in appearance and utility.    Learn more

We Also Build: 

-Pergolas and Arbors

-Custom Gazebos



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With so many different looks to choose from, we offer a wide variety of options such as woods and a range of synthetic materials. Choosing between the materials can be a big decision, with several different factors to look into. Here are some pros and cons to consider.  



Hardwood options are sought after due to their durability and beautiful appearance. They offer a luxurious look with a bright and clean finish. In addition to this, Hardwood is incredibly tough and can withstand markings like animal claws, heels from shoes, and debris like hail. 

The stability of hardwood is near unbeatable, as it is also immune to insects and rot. It does not contract or morph due to temperature fluctuations like some plastics might. Unlike other types of wood, hardwood is fire resistant and in the unlikely event it ever does catch fire, will not billow toxic smoke. 

However, hardwood can be somewhat pricey and at times the material itself is stubborn to work with when it comes to installation. In addition, the denser and darker your hardwood is the more heat it can absorb. Something to consider when it comes to bare feet!


Composite decks are also available. This option is attractive for its reduced need for maintenance, and because composite material does not require bleaching or staining every other year. This therefore saves time and money compared to other materials. The boards sustain minimal fading from the sun, and are most often made from recycled materials. 

Composites have a long lifespan and don’t rot or attract termites. They don’t warp or expand and those who have them can enjoy their yards without worrying about splinters in their feet. 

Composites do come with a higher initial cost and can be easily scuffed by moving furniture and overexcited animals. Also, composite decking can be more prone to staining from things such as food and grease, so if you’re playing on hosting a lot of barbeques, composite material may not be the choice for you. 

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being able to tackle even the toughest of jobs when it comes to outdoor areas. We strive to provide our clients with a beautiful and safe design that they can enjoy with their family and guests for years to come.

A home deck is a great idea if you’re planning on hosting any number of gatherings such as holiday parties, family reunions, grilling out, or if you just like to take advantage of the outdoors. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have lived at your residence for years, we will help to design a yard you can be proud of.

With our strong attention to detail and a large selection of design options for you to choose from, you can rest assured that your deck will be personalized to your specifications and uniquely you.

So, if you live in Louisville and are in need of a contractor to install, repair, or simply spruce up your existing outdoor seating area, contact us today for assistance!

Ready To Start? 

We are excited to supply residents in the Louisville area with all of their home decking needs. We are ready to provide the best in products, design, and customer service when it comes to making your front or back yard the best it can be.

If you have more questions concerning repairs, materials, installation, or the overall process, call us today for your free estimate at  We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to begin creating the deck of your dreams! 

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Recent job requests for deck projects in Louisville, KY:

Project Location: Shelbyville Rd, 40245

Comment: I would like to get a ground level wood deck installed in my backyard.

Project Location: Outer Loop Road, 40219

Comment: I am looking to remove and replace existing deck railing on tri-level deck and front porch with white vinyl railing. Also pressure wash deck. I would be interested in getting an estimate. Thanks!

Project Location: Brandies Ave, 40208

Comment: Hello, we would like to set up a time for a free consultation/estimate for a deck.
Would you be available over the next week? If so, are you able to meet via masks and social distance? Thanks so much! 

Project Location: Goshen, KY

Comment: Need a 16x16 deck with one set of stairs
I'm interested in a quote for either deck sanding/refinishing or deck board replacement (wood & composite quotes).

Project Location: Crestwood, KY

Comment: We need a deck rebuilt. It has been removed for the most part and just want the original dimensions. 

Project Location: Taylorsville Road, 40299

Comment: I have a 17 yr old house with a walkout basement. One of the corner posts on my deck has begun to rot at the top few inches. Is this something that can be repaired or will the post need to be replaced? i can send pics or set up an appointment if it is better to see in person. Let me know what you think.

Project Location: Westmoorland Way, 40242

Comment: Small deck around an above ground pool

Project Location: Lexington Road, 40207

Comment: Old deck removed and replace with something other than wood

Project Location: Fisherville, 40023

Comment: Deck replacement and expansion with composite and adding gable roof over expansion

Project Location: Berrytown Rd, 40223

Comment: Looking for deck area and maybe pergola over outdoor patio/pool are. Need some design ideas and follow on quote. Small backyard that I would like to maximize usable space and create a special gathering area.

Project Location: Ridge Brook Cir, 40245

Comment: I am interested in getting a quote for a cleaning and re-painting of an existing deck. I noted that your website mentioned staining but not painting, so I wanted to first confirm that you do painting. The previous paint is peeling and doesn't have great adhesion, so this project will likely include some stripping of the old paint prior to application of the new.

Project Location: Jeffersontown, 40299

Comment: would like to get a quote on deck railings for a 26' x 16' deck. What are my options as far as materials, metal, aluminum, wood, PVC.....??

Project Location: Beaumont Cove Ct, 40291

Comment: I have a 14 X 24 deck with partial under cover that is about 12 years old and is in need of repair, has been serviced before but is in need now, many boards disturbed as is railings, need estimate now for I want to get this started with-in 1 to 2 months. depending...would like estimates...

Project Location: Meadow Rd, 40241

Comment: Hello, we are interested in a demo of our current deck and rebuild with the addition of a sunroom. We are looking at 2021 for the project and are flexible with a timeline.

Project Location: Watering Pl, 40291

Comment: I am wanting to put a deck approximatly 35ft from the corner of the office offset down past the double window in the Master Bedroom and out 12 ft. Stairs probably in the middle somewhere across the back and would like them about 6 ft wide. The elevation at that point will be approximately 4 steps high. I would like metal slats instead of wood. Also please quote finishing. The house is white board and batton with a brick skirt and black windows and trim. If the slats are black I think the deck should be a light color that doesn't take away from the color of the home.I look forward to hearing from you and welcome suggestions and ideas.

Project Location: Stone School Rd, 40059

Comment: Looking to repair/replace a deck and add a screened in room with a roof. Please call at your convenience. Thanks

Project Location: Lexington Road, 40207

Comment: Want to add 13 X 13 to on to our existing deck and have you assemble a prefab gazebo to put on top of the deck or if you can build one cheaper that will work as well. The gazebo is about 1700 pounds so it would need super support for the deck. The height of the deck off the ground ranges from 2'3" to 4'.

Project Location: Radcliff, 40160

Comment: I'm interested in having a 12x16 Trex deck built on a Trex Elevations steel substructure.

Project Location: Shelbyville Road, 40222

Comment: Need an estimate on restoring and updating current deck where a number of boards have either split or have rotten.

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