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Staining and Refinishing


Flooring used in an outdoor setting is great. However, it must weather through harsh temperatures, rain, wind, and snow. Such factors can cause wear and tear on the appearance of your deck, causing it to lose its polish over time.

If you’re noticing growing aesthetic damage to the outdoor area you love, it’s time to call in a contractor. 
We can restore deck paint and re-stain or refinish it back to its original glory.
We’re proud to serve the local area with freshly applied staining and refinishing their decks to bring an outdoor space back to life. Whether a homeowner chooses to change up the stain color or follow up with another coat of the original finish, our employees will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. We aim for your complete before ever leaving the property.

Applying a new coat of staining or refinishing your balcony area will renew its appearance and breathe life back into your special space. Here’s what to expect from our services:

Staining: This can totally revitalize the finished look of an outdoor seating area. Any material kept outside will take a beating from the elements. Things like UV rays, moisture, wind, bugs, moss, and mildew can create problems when left untreated. The restaining process simply allows for a new fresh coat of sealant to be applied (in the color of your choice, of course). This covers up any cracks or vulnerable points from the previous stain.

Refinishing: Refinishing goes a little bit further than a simple stain does. In the refinishing process, the material is cleaned, sanded, and then sealed. Loose nails may also be taken out and replaced. Cleaning the area allows for a clear path to work while sanding down creates a smooth surface to seal on. Finally, we reseal the entire surface.

If your deck doesn’t have the same appeal it had when you first got it, you’re far less likely to use it. Improve the value of your home and regain an outdoor seating space with refinishing by our expert contractors.

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