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Deck Railing


When installing stairs and hand rails in your outdoor space, we’re careful to ensure that every aspect of the job is well done, from technicalities to aesthetics. Whether your stairs are made of metal, wood, or another material, our contractors can replace anything.

Composite and cable deck railing is important for a deck because it keeps everyone on it safe and secure. A loose-fitting railing or one with gaps from damage won’t do any good; it must be firmly in place and complete in order to serve its ultimate purpose. Our contractors will make sure things are safe and secure before ever leaving the property.

Railings are subject to the same weather forces that the actual floors are, so they usually wear down at the same rate. When thinking about getting any service done, always double check other aspects of the structure to make sure all bases are covered. Then, the final product will be sturdy and safe.

With that being said,
we’re happy to come out and repair your railingsThese are a crucial part of keeping everyone inside a safe area on the deck. Since people often lean on the railings, they’re subject to frequent pressure. You don’t want any weak beams there the next time you go to lean over the edge.

Proper railing repair may include sanding of splinters, removal, and replacement of damaged or weakened beams, and resealing for future protection. Our team will inspect your railings and target any weak spots that could put you at risk. Then, before we leave, we’ll make sure everything’s secure and safe to lean on and enjoy.


Some steps we may perform include:

Removal of Damaged Material: Any beams that show signs of obvious damage should be removed and replaced with fresh, strong pieces.
Replacement: Here’s that new material coming in to replace any gaps left by damaged material that was removed.
Rot Filling: Any areas of rot that aren’t too compromising can be scraped out and filled with epoxy for extra strength.
Sanding: Splintered or weather-worn areas should be sanded down to create a smooth surface.
Paint/Seal: Finally, repainting the rails will give the deck a fresh new look. Choose to repaint with your current color or choose a new one to switch it up.

Not only does a railing act as a major security measure on a raised surface, but it also gives a finished, appealing look. Keeping it maintained will retain value and keep it pleasing to the eye.

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