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Deck Builders in Elizabethtown KY

Do you want to create the outdoor seating area of your dreams? If so, you need a highly experienced deck builder in Elizabethtown, KY to help you. A deck is a versatile space in your garden to enjoy delicious meals, work, relax, enjoy the cool outdoor breeze, and just get away for a bit. Deck Touch is your trusted partner in Elizabethtown KY to build your dream deck. 

Reliable Deck Construction And Repair Services In KY

Do you have an outdated deck or one that is in dire need of urgent repairs? In fact, wood decks sustain some wear and tear over the years. It is natural for wood decks to deteriorate over time with heavy use and regular exposure to outdoor elements. On the other hand, our team deals with other constructions such as foundation reinforcing, swimming pool repairs, and any other repair concern you may have.

We will build your dream deck with the utmost care needed when installing it. Our expert team will set each support post into the ground above the foundation block in order to prevent sagging. In fact, we will then pressure treat all the materials to withstand adverse weather conditions. In case your materials ever need replacement, we will do it without any hesitation.

Staining and Refinishing

Outdoor flooring is usually subject to show, rain, wind, and heat. If your outdoor area is losing its luster or showing any signs of damage, our experts are able to help restore the space to its former glory by refinishing its appearance.

On the other hand, staining helps turn back the clock on your wooden flooring and eliminate the signs of deterioration. Call us to refinish your old wooden patio in case it needs a new lease of life.

Deck Railing

Installing new railings for your outdoor space is another service we offer. In fact, our team makes sure that every aspect is considered when installing new railings in your outdoor garden. We will even rebuild old railings that are about to fall apart. Deck Touch also provides deck stairs and deck skirting to our clients across Elizabethtown KY. Skirting helps create a finished look at the base of the construction. On the other hand, stairs are important when it comes to utility and appearance.

We Also Build: 

. Custom Gazebos
. Sunrooms
. Arbors
. Pergolas
. Trellis
. And more...

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We offer a wide variety of options when choosing the material for your construction project. In fact, you can choose from a range of wood and synthetic materials. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best materials for your construction. Here are some of the pros and cons of using different materials:


Harwood has become the most sought-after material for decks due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. The material provides a luxurious look with a clean finish. On the other hand, hardwood is quite tough and could withstand markings from animal claws, shoe heels, and hail debris.

The stability of hardwood is nearly unbeatable when compared to other materials. It is immune to rotting and insect damage. The material also doesn't morph or contract due to temperature fluctuations. Hardwood is fire-resistant and in case it rarely catches fire, the material won't billow toxic smoke.

However, hardwood can be quite stubborn to work with and pricey. The darker and denser the material, the more heat it can absorb. This is something you should consider when investing in hardwood for your deck.


Composite decks are quite easy to maintain and don't require regular staining and bleaching almost every other year. It helps save your time and money compared to investing in any other material. Composite boards sustain minimal fading due to sun rays and are made from recycled materials.

The material doesn't attract termites or rot and has a long lifespan compared to wood. Composite doesn't expand and warp due to temperature variations, and people who have a composite deck in their homes can enjoy the deck without worrying about splinters in their feet.

Composite decks have a higher initial cost and could be easily scuffed by overexcited animals and moving furniture. These decks are more prone to staining from food and grease. Hence, if you plan to host a lot of barbeques, composite decks are not the best choice for your home.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on tackling even the toughest jobs when it comes to outdoor decks. We offer our clients safe and attractive designs to enjoy with their entire family for many years to come. A deck is a great addition to your home in case you are planning to host parties and other gatherings in your home.

Whether you have lived in your home for many years or you just purchased a new home, our expert team can help design a yard that you can be proud of. Our strong attention to detail and the largest selection of design options make us one of the best service providers in Elizabethtown KY to build your deck. We will personalize the deck to suit your need and budget.

If you live in Elizabethtown and need a reliable contractor to install, repair, or simply upgrade your existing outdoor space, we are your first choice. Our team has the right expertise, skills, and equipment to deal with any type of outdoor project for you.

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We are ready to supply all the residents in Elizabethtown with all of their home decking needs. We provide the best in product design and customer service.

If you have any other questions about repairs, installation, materials, price, or the overall process, contact us today for a free estimate. We can't wait to create the deck of your dreams.

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