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Regular Roof Cleaning By Professionals Can Extend the Life of Your Roof

A roof is an important element of the outer envelope of your home, and affords it all the protection it needs from the elements. Most homeowners spend a lot of time keeping their home looking clean and attractive, by mowing the lawn, washing the deck and patio, repainting the walls, and keeping the driveway clear of snow. But, often, they do forget the cleaning of the roof, and only think of it, when they have gutters that are clogged.

Cleaning your roof can not only help it to function better, but will also give it more curb appeal, and create a good impression on passersby and neighbors. It can help to increase the value of your house if you are planning on selling it. 

Dirty roofs can turn away potential buyers. Roof cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of the roof, as it can go a long way in increasing its lifespan, and also ensure that you keep the roof in good condition. An uncleaned roof will start to show dark patches that are a sign of algae and moss growth. Besides making the house look ugly and unsightly, ultimately these growths can damage the roof, as this leads to the formation of lichens that can add to the wear and tear on the roof. These growths can freeze during winter and cause frost damage to the roof.

These growths attract moisture and will cause damage to the roof if left uncleaned for a long time. They can also cause the shingles to separate and this will lead to the roof leaking, damage to the ceiling and other problems for the structure of your roof.

Shingles will loose their shape and this will make them look unsightly. Once a roof is compromised, just because you have neglected to clean it regularly, it then becomes vulnerable and can lead to further damage to it from UV rays, wind, rain and hail. If moisture then seeps into your walls, mold growth can lead to health issues.

Regular cleaning of a roof, as part of roof maintenance, will preserve the life of its roof coverings. It is a job that requires skill that must have attention from the professionals. But that does not mean that you do not use your garden hose occasionally and spray some water on your roof to clear it of any dirt and debris on it.

Even when you call in the professionals, do let them decide on whether your roof needs a soft wash, or the more efficient power washing. An old roof can get damaged from high water pressure jets, and while it may make your roof look clean, you never know, the damage that it can cause to the roof and its covering materials.

Cleaning a roof does require you or the cleaners to have access to it through ladders or other scaffolding. Work on roofs is always at a height and this greatly increases the chances of accidents, made still more likely with roofs having slopes and often slippery surfaces due to their unclean condition. This makes it imperative for you to see that any agency that you appoint for cleaning must not only have the right equipment and the trained professionals, but also give proper attention to safety and using safety gear, and also be properly insured.

They must also ensure that while they are working on the roof, all areas around the home are kept clear of people and any other things that can be damaged by the water used for cleaning the roof.

Proper Roof Washing 

Proper washing of a roof requires expertise and skill so that all the debris that is hidden in cracks and crevices in the roof are also removed. All dark patches that have been formed must be completely removed, by scrubbing if necessary.

Areas around flashing, vents, and chimneys must also be cleaned, and care taken to see that these are not damaged during the cleaning. Pressure washing requires a lot of care as excessive pressure can cause shingle to get loose, or even get blown away. Granules on shingles can get loosened. Tiles may have their surfaces abraded and become thin and lead to their  becoming brittle. 

If the roof is old it is best cleaned without using power washers. This process starts with applying detergent and surfactants to the surface of the roof. These chemicals will make their way into underside of the roof as well, around flashing and other roof structures and should dissolve the grit ,grime, and dust that has accumulated on the roof.

These detergents should be given some time to work their magic, before they are rinsed. The pressure used in soft washing must be low, and slightly more than what you would get with a garden hose that has a spray nozzle.

Your roofing contractor will know what is the sort of pressure that can clean the roof without damaging it, and you must never interfere with his selection of pressure, as some people feel that higher pressure leads to better cleaning. Concentrate instead on the final result and how clean your roof looks after it has been cleaned. You have every right to inspect the roof, and point out any lacunae in the cleaning if you do spot it.  

Your roof will have a longer and better service life, if you do not wait for the telltale signs of dark spots, algae, mold or dirt to show before you clean it or arrange for an agency to undertake this important job. A roof that is washed with regular consistency will remove any leaves, twigs seeds and other dirt and debris that  often facilitate growth of mold and algae. Couple it with the inspection and maintenance that caring homeowners will always schedule at intervals of once or twice a year.

You can  also take up such cleaning after severe storms that have led to an accumulation of tree leaves, branches, and other dirt that the storms will bring on to roofs. This cleaning can also clear your gutters and down spouts and ensure that they are fully functional, as they will have to drain away the water that is a result of the cleaning operation.

Take care also to clear any gutter guards you may have installed in your gutters to prevent them from being filled with leaves from the trees in your yard or areas around your property. Roof cleaning can also help you avoid the formation of ice dams that can form on the edges of roofs that have not been cleaned. As you know, ice dams can cause water to seep in under eaves and shingles and damage the walls of your house. 


It is important that if you are having to need the roof repaired for any damage to it, this may also be a good time to go in for roof cleaning, prior to carrying out the repairs. This cleaning will make any other defects show up visually and then ensure that your roof repairs are extensive and cover all the portions that have been damaged. 

It is important that roof cleaning work is allotted to a good roof cleaning contractor, as doing it yourself is risky. Make sure that the contractor has adequate insurance, proper equipment and well trained professionals who will always follow safety regulations.

Ask them to explain the methods that they will use to clean your roof, so that you can be sure that you are comfortable with their work. Ensure that this method is acceptable to your insurance company.


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